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True Beauty Starts from the Inside Out.

Our goal is to help each and every one of you look and feel your best.

It’s our passion and commitment to provide the most comfortable environment where your best interest is our top priority. We use only medical grade skin care products and the latest treatments in the industry to provide your skin with the most glowing results. Our aestheticians and injectors are consistently training, learning and using the newest technology so you can be assured you are always getting the most up to date treatments available.

you are light. you are beautiful. you are abundant. you are loved.

you are light. you are beautiful. you are abundant. you are loved.


Our Approach

We know there are lots of ways to achieve your beauty goals, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why the Skin Squad was created!

It’s a monthly facial membership with a discounted price. At Inside Out Aesthetics, we know that injectables and fillers only work best when the foundation of your skin looks its best through our medical skin care in Scottsdale. Monthly facials, at-home medical-grade products, and injectables all contribute to finding the treatment mix that’s perfect for you and your own beauty goals.

Our Story

  • Terri Mazaheri created Inside Out Aesthetics in 2016, hoping to “fill a void” she saw in the injectables industry. With a passion for helping others after 30+ years as a nurse, and with over 20 years working in the aesthetics field, she knew that beauty was more than just a one-shot deal. She wanted to create an inviting, warm environment, where she could customize each client’s services to their specific needs, knowing there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to injectables and skin care.
  • Terri strongly feels that beauty truly begins on the inside and that’s why in 2021, she launched the Wellness program that is now part of Inside Out Aesthetics. Combining her talents for injecting, her love of people, and a team that carries the same philosophy of kindness first. Terri is confident you will feel the difference the minute you walk in the door.
  • Terri brings that down to earth, Iowa farm-girl spirit to everything she touches at Inside Out Aesthetics. Raised in a loving family with a strong sense of community, Terri saw how her grandmothers, aunts, and her own parents always treated everyone they met with kindness and a helping hand. She credits her family with her servant’s heart. From volunteering in the local clinic as a teen, and helping friends with their makeup, she was destined to end up helping others in her career.
  • Later, she moved to Florida, where she was Nurse-of-the-Year in 2003, working in the trauma field, obstetrics field, and later in plastic surgery.
  • Once Terri had her two children, she then realized her passion extended to not just taking care of others, but teaching as well. She often says it was her children who taught her the most valuable lesson, being grounded and knowing the importance of giving love to others. Now that they are off to college, she has taken that same skill set of teaching to Inside Out Aesthetics, where she also started the Academy to train others in injectables.

Meet Terri

Meet the Creator Behind Inside Out Aesthetics

Terri Mazaheri has been in the aesthetics field for over 20 years. As an aesthetic nurse injector, she has seen and helped tens of thousands of people create a customized plan that meets their beauty goals. Terri and her team at Inside Out Aesthetics make it a priority to offer the latest in skincare treatments and procedures.

Terri is the recipient of many awards in the industry, including the “2018 Most Loved Injector” by RealSelf, as well as being an ambassador for Sente. Inside Out Aesthetics is in the top 5% nationally for Vivace and Virtue treatments, and various medical grade skincare lines.

But this animal-loving, free spirit will tell you, she is most proud of being a single mom raising two grounded, caring kids. She is a loyal friend, sister, and daughter. She believes, “all people have good in them and deserve to be heard and loved.”

medical skin care in Scottsdale

Looking Forward to the Future of the Medical Spa Industry


Learn More

Terri Mazaheri has always loved sharing her passion for injecting with others. That’s why she started the Inside Out Academy. What sets the Inside Out Academy apart is that Terri knows practice makes perfect. She believes the only way to perfect the art of injecting and becoming proficient and safe is to get hands-on experience with actual models. You will learn from some of the most experienced injectors in Scottsdale. Dr. Mehdi Mazaheri, board certified plastic surgeon, and Terri have over 25 years of injecting experience, and they want to share their talents with you. If you share the same love of people, want to care for them, and give them your best, you belong at the Inside Out Aesthetics Academy!

It’s a 2-day program where you will learn advanced protocols, receive a completion certification, and enjoy a comfortable, inviting experience while learning.

If you are looking to expand your knowledge in injecting and gain experience, our Inside Out Academy is for you. Please fill out the registration below to join us in our next clinic.

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